Lulu Macaron


In 2011 Louise Dawson featured on an ITV programme hosted by Gino D'Campo called "There's No Taste Like Home", showing how family recipes passed down through generations and with lots of history  could be featured on restaurant menus. The experience of getting back in to a commercial kitchen ignited her passion to re enter  the food business, and a challenge from a friend led to her creating patisserie, and specifically, macarons.

"Lulu Macaron "was the resulting company and fabulous patisserie and baked goods have been produced ever since. I have been cooking with Louise, my mum, and also many of my relatives since I was a small child and started working as a chef at 16 years old 

I have worked in restaurants and cafes ever since and I can't quite believe that's 10 years ago!

I am the next generation of the family tasked with taking this wonderful business forward using my mums amazing recipes and my chefs skills and knowledge.

We always try to source and use local ingredients and suppliers wherever possible.

Altrincham, Cheshire, is home to us and we have a vibrant and varied restaurant and market scene.

We are proud to use Cheshire as part of our identity and love to supply lots of local cafes, restaurants, caterers and private individuals.

Since taking over I have branched out into other products drawing on my different jobs in the industry.

Sweet  and savoury and canapés are one of my specialties.

Macarons remain the star attraction and we supply them for weddings, parties, christenings and corporate events.

The Macarons are made using non gluten containing ingredients and we follow the correct protocol to create these and other patisserie that does not contain gluten.

As a small business we can also cater for other food allergy groups and often supply local companies but we are happy to take orders on an individual basis.

So , my name is Joel, and I hope to hear from you soon and hope that I may be allowed to create some amazing food and wonderful memories for you.

Sorry mum, I hope you like the new logo and website, it's a bit less girly!!

Joel Chapman

Lulu Macaron